21 April 2009

Slo Mo Baseline

Finally got to the gym armed with stopwatch, pen and paper to try to establish a slo-mo baseline. Following exercises with weight and time under load (TUL) with comments. Most done on some type of machine. Target TUL ~90sec.

- Leg press: 180#, 200sec, need to up the weight and lower the seat a notch
- Chest press: 90#, 160sec, need to up the weight
- Military press: 70#, 80sec, just right
- Seated rows: 100#, 80sec, just right
- Lat pulldown: 100#, 50sec, need to lower the weight
- Curls: 55#, 90sec, just right
- Dips: 65sec, may need to use machine, but I'll just try this for now.

147 on scale and bf% per scale said 8.8%

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