16 April 2009

Slo Mo Morning

Decided to head straight to the gym after the morning java - less cast from The Road Warrior there at that time. 147.0 on scale this morning. Was going to time my time under load (TUL), but forgot the watch with the timer (doh!). Nonetheless pushed the Body by Science protocol til positive failure. Found that it is really important to go to failure since I can get another rep or two when I was sure I could not. Still fine tuning the workout to target the 90 second set which is about 5 reps.

- squat 135, got closer to 10 reps and was shaking at the end.
- bench 135, same as above
- deadlifts 135, form is still tough with these in slo-mo, don't know why. Keep wanting to blast the weight up from the bottom
- BB curls, 50, maybe 6-8 reps
- mil press, 70, on universal. Just about the right weight
- dips, only got about 5 and felt shredded after workout.

Last nite's chicken and kabob dinner, note that this was my second plate full:

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