24 April 2009

Sox and Slo Mo

Thank you Mariano Rivera for another blown save that allow the Red Sox to tie the game in the 9th inning with 2 outs. Plus a fanstastic no-doubter walk off dinger by Kevin Youkilis for the win. But as expected with any Sox/Yankees game, it was a slow painful marathon.

Speaking of slo-mo, made another timed slo-mo exercise appointment at the gym. Here's how it went down. Apparently, the baseline still needs work, but I'm feeling the results already with shaking joints. Planning on playing golf tomorrow, so that will make it interesting. Can't hurt my score any.
- (exercise: weight/TUL)
- Leg press: 200/190, still too light for weight
- Chest press: 105/150, still too light for weight
- Military press: 70/45, hmmm last time TUL was right on target
- Seated rows: 105/85, slight increase in TUL but I'd consider that with the error margin
- Lat pulldowns: 85/75, just about right, maybe a little low on TUL
- Curls: 55/100, slight increase in TUL
- Dips: body weight/60, slight decrease in TUL
Came home and grilled some bourbon marinated steak tips plus grilled aspragus with evoo and black pepper:


  1. Nice workout and amazing dinner. I love steak tips. BTW, I never see you on instant messenger anymore? Did you know with gmail you can still chat with your old AOL IM account?

  2. Jeff - yeah, we dumped aol, but i'll look into the IM capability.

  3. For some reason I find guilty pleasure everytime the Yankees lose. I'll let you know if I ever figure out why that is. Onto the food, grilled asperigus is a fav. with my wife and myself (8y/o daughter doesn't fully enjoy a food that makes her pee smell). I hit the green spears with EVOO, cracked pepper, and sprinkles of parm. cheese. The bourbon marinated steak tips look fantastic.