12 April 2009

Sunday Ad

Taking another day of recovery to get back to baseline per McGuff's jargon. Was thinking of doing a cross-fit type of workout today, but it isn't going to happen. 148 on scale again this morning. I may stop posting this since it seems like it never changes. Despite having a 2/3 of an Al Capone roast last nite and not running in about a week.

Advertisement in the Sunday paper caught my eye for weight loss. I'm always curious to see what people advertise and their Modus Operandi. Their site advertises like a local business, but in reality it is nationwide called The Center for Medical Weight Loss. Like I really need to lose any more weight at mid 9% body fat.

Just for ha-ha's I went to the site and clicked on the weight loss button - first thing they ask for are your stats, and of course your email address. So, I put in my stats, 5'10"/148# and the fake email address (coach_potato@blahblahblahdotcom) and guess what - I can lose between 6 and 16 lb in just 6 weeks! Despite it saying that my BMI is dead-nuts in the green band at 21 - like I think this is a meaningful measurement anyway. But it is their yardstick, so I'll roll with it.

Allah be praised! My ship has come in! Good sweet lord, just how can i achieve this miracle? Let me click on "How it Works"....yes...salvation is only a click away! Oh yes the four plans look so simple:

a) Low Calorie: would one expect anything else? Just cut back on the donut consumption to 5/week from the usual 12...

b) Modified Program: no clue what this means. I think it is intentionally cryptic to serve as a catch-all category. Perhaps leaches and frequent visits to the local Shaman.

c) Prescription Drugs: again no surprise here. Medicate me! Why make any lifestyle changes when a simple pill will cure my ills...

d) Bariatric Surgery: not surprised here either. Another not-so-last ditch effort to correct decades of poor diet choices supported by the USDA

So nowhere do they advocate making proper nutritional choices or (god forbid) exercising. Nauseating really, but they do point out that 2/3 of the population is overweight. I think the percentage is climbing at an alarming rate.

As another tangent, we watched the movie WALL-E, same director (Andrew Stanton) as Finding Nemo. A lot of social commentary regarding pollution, etc. But what is interesting is that in the future, he thinks that we won't even have to move. We'll just have these Lay-Z-Boys to shuttle us around. Of course, the entire population is morbidly obese and can not even support their own weight. I'm beginning to think that his postulation is not too far off-base.

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  1. My kids used to go to a private school and ALL the moms there did the "medical weight loss"thing where they get vitamin shots, take speed, and eat 500 calories a day. All doctor supervised...um, yeah.
    Everyone was losing weight, which was great, but it was SO unhealthy and didn't teach them anything. And more important, they can't teach their CHILDREN anything about healthy lifestyles.