19 April 2009

Sunday Dinner

After loam completion and battling with a stump that defeated the Stihl MS250, we made a run to the local butcher shop. Picked up some nice cuts of strip steak. Seasoned them with some Montreal steak seasoning and balsamic vinegar. Marinated for about an hour. Fired the grill up to high (>450) and seared for 1 minute per side. Turned the heat down to medium-low (grill temp 250-300) and cooked until internal temp hit 140F per meat thermometer. Steak turned out friggin fantastic - slight char on the outside and a nice uniform pink through the middle.

Also made some sauteed mushrooms with garlic and butter plus steamed broccoli with a sprinkle of shredded cheese. Sadly, the battery on the camera died, so no picture. Too bad, because it looked great, and tasted even better.


  1. Andy, last night my wife and daughter requested my special Inside-out Grilled Cheese Special which also included some Sweet Potato Fries. I made their meal first. Upon noticing this, my wife said "so, you're not going to eat with us?". I responded with, "I bought meat and veggies, I'm eating meat and veggies. Nothing against your diets, but I've got to change."

    I did notify the two of them that while I didn't expect them to conform to my diet, I would happily make food for all of us and consider their tastes.

    Had Buffalo Brats with marinated zukes and eggplant for dinner (w/obligatory salad).

    Once again, thanks for all of the great ideas. Also thanks for putting me on your list to the right. I got a laugh seeing my "Smelly People Like Me" post sandwiched between "Mark's Daily Apple -
    Dear Mark: Primal Blueprint Superiority?" and "Dad Rewrite (programming) -
    New almond meal pancake variant".

    later, MikeZ

  2. MikeZ,

    No worries about adding you to my blog roll. Your writing is both entertaining and informative.

    I'm lucky that my wife and I are both on board with the Paleo plan. We made this change about a year ago, and are real happy with the way things have gone. We were really just striving toward eating healthier and not so interested in weight loss. But I dropped 20 lb and my body fat went from high teens to currently hovering around 9%. My wife has dropped at least 10 lb and has had many visits to the tailor to get clothes altered. If you go way back in my archives, I discuss this in better detail.

    It is so simple: meats, veggies, plus fruits and nuts in moderation. No processed crap.

    Best of luck with your efforts with the family.