05 April 2009

Sunshine Sunday

Ahh yes...spring is here. Opening day for baseball tonite. 50F+ outside today but windy. Bike made it's maiden voyage for 2009. Out for about an hour and it was colder than it looked.

Anyway prior to that spent some time at the gym doing 5x5, again lighter weights but really focussed on intensity and explosive upward motion. No run today

- deadlifts: 135
- seated rows: 115
- lat pull dows: 100
- BB curls: 65
- DB curls: 30s
148 again on scale

As a side note, my gym I was recently sold to Gold's - ugh. Hello meatheads! They were putting up the new sign as I went on Friday and the Zuba pants are already showing up. I had to laugh today. I'm in the locker room getting changed and some big, but flabby dude comes over to his locker 2 down from me and slams down one of his 5" wide weight belts. Note he had two of them. I'm thinking he exchanged one for the other maybe to match his outfit better. Anyway, acting like a moron. Walking around all big and bad, but when he did some lat pull downs (after he got done the mandatory chest exercises like flys), he had to back the weight down from what I did. Hah!

Anyway, it's too bad. They gym is about 1.5 miles from the house and was never too busy. Maybe that's why they sold it to Golds. But there is literally another Golds 4 miles up the road. Maybe it is force out the competition and they raise prices.

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  1. My gym is a gold's. It's actually kind of amusing and repulsive all at the same time. On the bright side, I find myself spending less and less time there and doing more outside.