12 April 2009

What a headache

Decent Easter dinner with friends, but indulged in a few deserts (bad Andy!) and got one hell of a headache afterward. Feels like it will take a day or two to clear that mess out of the system. That will learn me....I hope.


  1. Me too. I gave in to the sweets - epic failure. I didn't get a headache, but I completely crashed and felt lightheaded and generally awful about 30 min later.

    Worse, today I feel real guilt. I was yammering on about "how I eat" (and got lots of odd looks as I fumbled about with a pitiful explanation) and then I turn around and eat some desserts. I am disgusted with myself today...

  2. Guys can I quote you something?

    " Life should be relaxed and easy. If you are confidant in the evolutionary fitness way, you know that you cannot control the outcome, only control your inputs to the process. Failure does not exist because you know you cannot make an arbitrary outcome happen. Thus there can be no failure. Enjoy and thrive on process, not outcome. In fact, failure only comes to those who think they can control the process." always liked that little snipet from Devany.

    Mistakes happen...don't dwell on it.
    I didn't succumb to desserts....my taste is just not there anymore....BUT....I drank to much. More then I wanted or needed.

    Get a good sweat in today....and enjoy the week.

  3. Thanks Marc. That *is* a great bit from DeVany. I recall either that quote or a similar one at the end of his DVD - it was the best part of the whole thing.

  4. Mark and Marc, yeah I felt like dog sh!t yesterday, but that is behind me and am not going to worry about 1 day off the track to change my normal routine. Certainly not going to make that behavior commonplace.

    Thanks for the encouragement.