17 April 2009

Workout with Loam

Last nite's dinner: grilled steak tips and eggplant napoleon (eggplant + tomato + mozzarella + balsamic vinegar):
No gym time today as recovering from morning slo-mo (body by science), so ordered 5 yards of loam for delivery since the yard is a mess and worked my way through that. Working the wheel barrow in sets of 10 shovels per load. Starting off after a couple loads:
After 40 loads:
After 60 loads, starting to feel that delayed onset muscle soreness, so I stopped for the day.
Here's a glimse of the lackey doing the work and writing the post. Maybe on our paleo anniversary I'll post a better shot. Today's weight was 148 - too skinny?


  1. Looking pretty buff to me, man. Nice job.

  2. Hey Andy,

    doing some manual labor that actually benefits your life/lifesyle/home/your friends/etc is actually better than working out sometimes. Better than rowing or biking on a machine for sure.

    As for your weight # - it's irrelevant. The only thing that matters is how strong you are and how fat you are (less is more here :))


  3. Andy, thanks for helping me with dinner for tonight! Steak and eggplant napoleon...I can handle making that.

    Good thing you took the day off from lifting so you could putz around the yard. 60 loads at 10 shovel fulls per...nah, that's barely working up a sweat. You may have come up with a new summer workout.

    148 too skinny? You don't look skinny and the weight doesn't matter...ripped abs tell the story.