02 May 2009

Almost 11%

Body fat measurements today, 3 measurement averages

Ab: 17.3 mm
Chest: 8.3 mm
Thigh: 6.0 mm
BF%: 10.8%
Andy: WTF

Up a solid 1.5% in one month. Wow. I'll have to look at my activities and eating over the last month to see if anything jumps out.

I do know that the gym time has been down significantly for the last few weeks while playing with the body by science protocol. Wondering if I need more activity - regardless of if it is more cross-fit, etc.

Slow posting traffic lately - have had chest cold most of the week. Can't remember last time I had been feeling this lousy in a while. Finally the congestion is starting to clear.

1 comment:

  1. It's probably the eating. I'm down 1" around the waist after a few weeks of killing nut intake, watching the night time eating, and going a bit hungry during the day. My activity level hasn't changed.