06 May 2009

Alternate Day Workout

A bit of recovery from slo-mo torture in about 30 minutes as follows:

- super burpees: 10/10/10
- renegade rows w/30#db: 8/8/10 up in weight, maybe 35s next time
- floor wipers: 7/6/5, trying to get up to 3x10; these things are absolute killers especially with full-on straight legs
- DB snatch: 25lb 5 each arm for 2 sets, 30lb for 1 set, explosive movement.

Went to Lull Farms over the weekend and loaded up on some veggies plus they had some game meats - but pricey. A 10oz bison strip steak: $18. So thought this had better be worth it. Marinated it in balsamic for a few hours and grilled via the hot sear/slow cook. Technique was dead-on as there was a nice char on the outside and uniform pink on the inside. But both the wife and I concurred that the taste did not justify the price. But we also got some venison patties. Also done via grill and shown with some provolone. These were actually quite good. Spaghetti squash on side. A few berries for desert. Still on nut boycott. 143.8 on scale this morning. Lightest weight in years.


  1. Andy, I did the venison patties a few days ago...awesome! I'll probably make the Sp.Squash tonight, any recommendations on making it a bit more flavorful?

    Floor Wipers, my personal fav. I've been doing them for 5-6 weeks and am finally up to 3 sets of 15. I'd love to get up to 25 so I could do the 300 workout.


  2. Mike, those floor wipers kill me. 3 sets of 15 is pretty damn good.

    Anyway regarding the spaghetti squash, after I slice it (with a damn sharp knife) and scoop out the seeds, I brush either some evoo or flax seed oil on the interior surfaces and then sprinkle some cracked black pepper. I cook at 375F for about 45 minutes cut side down on a cookie sheet until a slight crust develops on the side on the sheet. Good luck!

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