14 May 2009

Biggest Loser Thoughts

Well, the Biggest Loser finale was aired the other night and I'm wondering if the show is losing some of its luster. The proverbial kiss of death or "Jumping the Shark", where it signals the decline in show popularity. Jeff had recently expressed the same impressions that I have of the finale, so I'll add a few other observations.

- I am most amazed about Jerry who lost about 150 pounds on his own after only spending a few weeks on the ranch. I was convinced that this guy was going to be a washout, but he proved at 63 years old that anyone can change their life and lose weight. Think how difficult it must be for a near-senior citizen, morbidly obese to regain his activity and redirect six decades of eating habits.

- Helen also deserves kudos at 48 years old for lose over 50% of her body weight and dropping down to below 120lb. Amazing.

- There seem to be more contestents who are beyond help and for some reason voluntary or not, can not lose the weight. At the final weigh-in, some were still overweight or obese.

- The show is still hung up on unrealistic expectations. Who can afford to work out for six hours a day under masochistic training while having better food choices provided to them. All the while, not having to worry about a job, house, or kids.

- They should bias the show more toward achieving weight loss at home with the real-world demands on people's time.

- They also over-emphasize exercise and do not discuss nutrition enough. Also, I tend to disagree with their allowance of carbohydrates. Seems like no diet plans are compared or even entertained.

Of course, Jillian is still easy on the eyes, but I'm wondering if they coached Bob to go non-linear to help ratings....

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  1. Good take. Helen did look great. I wonder how obsessive/compulsive she and Helen ended up. It seemed like they just had to exercise and couldn't even have a glass of wine.

    Jillian is losing her luster for me. Her attitude turns me off for some reason.