18 May 2009

EF for a Day

For a change in routine from the Body by Science (aka Slo-Mo, as I like to say), I did a Evolutionary Fitness style (15/8/4) routine as follows:

- 5 interval sprints, 2 min walk (4mph), 1 full minute run (9.0, 9.5, 10.0, 10.5, 11.0 mph), been neglecting the running lately so not really full bore at all
- Squats, 135x15, 155x8, 185x4, 205x2. Should have tried 225 since 205 felt good.
- Bench, 95x15, 135x8, 155x6. Guessing I could have gone up a little in weight, but this is down in general
- Deadlift, 135x15, 155x8, 185x4. Last 4 were kind of tough
- DB press, 35x15, 40x8, 45x6. Should have used 50's for the last set
- Dips 3x10

147.0 on scale this morning

So in general, the BBS protocol didn't really hurt leg exercises at all. In fact, squats felt a little better. Deadlift is about the same as a month ago, and a little disappointed in the bench.

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