09 May 2009


Despite my wife's grumblings about Fathead (by Tom Naughton) showing up via my Netflix selection, we both thoroughly enjoyed the movie which is a spoof on the movie Supersize Me (by Morgan Spurlock). Now I put the caveat in here that I'm not a big fan of the Golden Arches; it is probably about 18 months since I've eaten anything from that establishment.

However, Tom Naughton demonstrates that he actually lost weight and improved his lipid panel by eating every meal there for 28 days by eating a reasonable number of calories (about 2000 vs. Spurlock's claim of 5000) and by limiting carb intake to about 100g/day. Great mention of Gary Taubes and his ideas written about in Good Calories, Bad Calories, plus input from the Eades plus others. Several commentaries at the end that are also worth viewing.

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  1. I'll have to watch Fathead and Supersize Me back to back. Thanks for throwing out the recommendation.

    have a great weekend