14 May 2009

A few meals

Things have been too hectic the last few days to get to the gym - thanks mostly to some jackass that backed into our car (less than 1 year old), between sorting out things with security at work as well as the police department. Turns out it is some manager at work who didn't think he did any damage. Yeah right a-hole, my paint is all over your back bumper. He gives me any more sh!t, and I'll toss out some catchy phrase like "Hit and Run" to regain his cooperation.

Ok, that rant out of my system. 144 again on scale this morning, nut intake is down. A few meals from the past few days.

Simple Grillin with steak tips and a meager spaghetti squash. Tried brushing the SS with evoo instead of flaxseed oil. Gotta say, I think the flaxseed oil has a slightly better taste.

Chicken cordon bleu with steamed cauliflower for a change. I pretty much winged the recipe, but it more-or-less follows the recipe I found later on. That's almond meal from Trader Joes we got at $3.99/lb. Can't beat that price. Picture is a little hazy due to the steam coming off. Also forgot to add some pepper, nor did I flatten the breasts, though my friggin sharp Santoku knife did an excellent job of butterflying the breasts raw.

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