21 May 2009

I see large people...

I think Jeff had a post a while ago with a similar title and I had one of those days today. I don't try to be too judgmental, but honestly how large does someone have to get before they decide to do something about their weight. Just today I saw:
- A woman wearing a skirt with calves as big as Hulk Hogan's biceps (and we're not talking muscle) who picked up a soda and a muffin at the cafeteria
- This dude who's clearly carrying an extra 75lb getting his daily ration of TWO monster muffins
- Another guy at least 100lb overweight just out of breath walking DOWN the steps
- A fourth guy at least 100lb overweight powering down a plate full of cookies.

Anyway, 146 on scale, no gym time today due to meeting preparation plus working the chainsaw on some downed trees. But here are some recent food pics.

Grilled steak tips + julienned green and yellow squash:
Scrambled eggs with fried ground turkey with onions, garlic and pico de gallo:
Grilled sirloin steak marinated with balsamic and evoo, roasted caulflower with garlic and evoo. Love that roasted cauli.


  1. Great food pics.

    At least those people are eating low fat. Could you imagine how fat they would be if they ate steak and eggs instead of the muffin? Oh, right. Then they might be your lean size.

  2. Definitely some awesome food pics!

    Now tell me again why health insurance is so expensive? Maybe there should also be a Muffin Tax to go along with the proposed Soda Tax. Some guy's gonna have a grabber because he could never say "no" to a plate full of cookies...how about a discount for men with bodyfat under 15% and women under 20%?