09 May 2009

Link Shoutout

Here's good article by Rusty at Fitnessblackbook.com discussing the surprise that body building still has wide popularity today. Shown in comparison are Ric Arango (Calvin Klein model) and Ronnie Coleman. Some people are striving to get to the Ronnie Coleman look, but I wonder why. Excluding body building as your profession, is it self esteem, the perception of being a bad-ass, asthetics? Hmmm.

I suspect most people have more of a chance of acheiving the Calvin Klein look. In both cases you have to lower the body fat down to single digits, but in one of those cases steroids are not needed while the other mandates it. Let's not kid each other, unless someone is in that 0.0001% of the population that has hit the genetic lottery, they will never be a clean professional body builder.

Superhumanradio host Carl Lenore recently had ex-body builder Flex Wheeler on his show, who apparently is one of those who has a myostatin deficiency. That's the stuff that limits muscle growth. With that deficiency, the normal whippet (left) turns into the over-developeed whippet (right):

So even with that advantage, Flex still said that he among others were taking performance enhancing drugs (he refused to say the words anabolic steroids). What was more interesting is that he said is promoting a clean lifestyle now but that he would not compete against the body builders today since there is no way he would succeed against the juicers of today.

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