01 June 2009

BF Update and some pics

Despite a week of vacation eating, 147.0 on scale this morning. BF measurements:
- 16.7 ab
- 8.3 chest
- 4.7 leg
= 10.2% body fat.

Down a little from last month. Was pretty good paleo-wise over vacation with a few exceptions being:
- about a dozen beers. I love my Guinness
- 1 piece of mother-in-law's home made pumpkin pie
- some tortillas included in some real mexican food (can't comprimise that when we have the real stuff so infrequently)
- 1 desert with mexican dinner.

Other than that, here are some pix of the good stuff.

Caprice salad - arugula, basil, tomato, mozarella, chicken, balsamic:
Senya made some scrambled eggs loaded with peppers:

Last nite's dinner - seasoned chicken, roasted red onion, grilled yellow and green squash, eggplant with mozarella, tomato, balsamic and fresh basil plus 1 ShockTop:

Here's me outside of the Camelback Inn on the day we were leaving

Managed to get to the gym 1 day for a mixed slo-mo + 15/8/4 workout.

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