29 June 2009

Food, etc.

A few meals posted.

Picked up a slab of london broil, marinated seared and slow cooked at 250F along with 2 bell peppers, celery and a red onion. Tasty, but actually a little tough. Was in a rush to make this last week and didn't let the marniate soak long enough (<1 hour).
Pterodactyl sized chicken breast in evoo and balsamic + some spices with steamed broccoli, pine nuts and some parmesian. Spices were a little salty, but chicken moisture was A+.

Grilled a 10 lb turkey on Sunday. Tough to sear since the turkey is a non-prismatic shape. Nice crispy skin. Meat was pretty juicy and the wife was pleased, but next time, I'll up the moisture content via beer can insertion as Marc recently did here.

Loads of juicy turkey with spinach and broccoli (farm fresh)

Went for a run outside on Saturday, hilly course around the neighborhood. Tough 2 miles in a pathetic 15:57. Been waaaaay out of practice for any running, sprints or otherwise.
Ran 5k today in 23:15. Still have to knock a solid minute off of that to get close to last year's race time. Followed that up by:
- Squats 135x15, 185x8, 205x2 (faded)
- DB lunges 25x8, 25x8, 30x6
Took an Erno-approved contrast shower and went back to work

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  1. Erno approved ;-) Funny stuff.

    the turkey looks great. My little trick is to "stuff' underneath the skin for delicious flavor. You can stuff pieces of bacon or onion, whatever.