19 June 2009

Just Food

After Monday's abuse at the gym, I didn't make it for the rest of the week. Bags were packed on Friday, but work interfered. So just some food pics.

Wednesday - bacon cheddar burger with sauteed yellow squash, green squash, red onion and mushrooms + pico de gallo on the side:

Thursday - NY strip marinated for a day with evoo and balsamic cooked via sear and then slow roast on grill. Steamed broccoli with parmesian and sauteed mushrooms in butter:

Friday - Senya made kabobs with chicken, multi-colored bell peppers, red onion and mushrooms:


  1. Some great looking meals.
    Happy weekend.


  2. Thanks Marc. I saw that beef on your site also with those fantastic grill marks. Looked awesome.