07 June 2009

Lester Dominates Rangers

Day off spent in Boston Saturday. Had tickets to the Sox/Rangers game (Thanks Kerry!). Regarding the game, Jon Lester absolutely dominated the Texas Rangers. He retired the first 19 batters before giving up a double. 11k's total (9 of first 15 batters), 2H, 2BB, 1ER. Was so close to the Pesky Pole that we heard Ortiz's HR THWWAAAACK off of the pole.

Had a pleasent dinner at McCormick and Schmick's at Faneuiel Hall before hand so we would not be tempted to feast on ballpark fare. I don't mind a Fenway Frank every once in a while, but really, there is nothing worth eating at Fenway (aka Carb-way) Park. But the overweight dude next to us had:
- at least 4 beers
- one HFCS lemonade
- Fenway Frank
- Cracker Jacks
- Cotton Candy
- Papa Gino's Pizza

Which despite the severe blow to the wallet, is like a Bruce Li rabbit punch to the pancreas. I'm sure it was begging for mercy.

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  1. Hey man, part of the ball park experience is to down some bruschi's! Looks like this guy had himself a good old time!