23 June 2009

Quick EF

146 again on scale this morning. Been staying under a buck-fitty, but the bf% has been pretty constant as well. A little concerned that I've lost some muscle mass lately. Ironically, my running has been near non-existant lately. Thinking of running a 5k in August, so I have to get on it.

Regarding exercises via 15/8/4
- bench 95/135/155
- db press 35/45/55
- cable flyes 30/40/50
- deadlifts 135/155/175
- BB curls 45/55/65
- DB curls 25/30/35

Got on the treadmill to go for a run, but only did a handful of intervals. Much different trying to run after the exercises than beforehand (IMHO)


  1. Hey Andy,
    If you are worried you are loosing some muscle mass...here's (humbly) my advice.

    Out of the workout above...the deadlifts is the only beneficial exercise imho.
    if DB press is a shoulder press or a bench/incline press, then ok, but you would have up the weight some.
    I think one of the "keys to succes" to the 15,8 and 4 routine is the intensity/heavy weights. Curls won't do much for your overall muscle mass. chin ups will, with the benfit of making your biceps look good too.
    Not trying to nitpick, but don't want to see you frustrated, and i want to see you smoke your peers on the 5k ;-)


  2. Marc - no worries, that's good advice. Sometimes I think I bounce too frequently between protocols. Always a good reminder to amp up the workout intensity.