05 June 2009

Rest Intervals

Superhumanradio (available via web or iTunes podcast) episode 306 had a interesting discussion on rest interval on growth hormone promotion. His guest was Bob Buresh (dept of health, Kennesaw state).

Bottom line:
Longer rest intervals (1-2 minute between sets) promote strength
Shorter rest intervals (<1 minute) promote hypertrophy and asthetics

But he also discussed via testing of two groups, that after 5 weeks, their hormone levels were identical. Meaning that you have to change things up after a while to avoid plateaus.

I'll have to try one or the other as currently, I don't really follow either per se. But I definitely agree with the 4-6 week change in protocol, one way or the other.


  1. That was an interesting podcast. I listened to it as well as you got me hooked on SHR a few weeks ago. SHR and the trance related podcasts have me considering dropping my Sirius radio subscription.

    It was interesting results. Simple mix ups like rest intervals might be just what is needed. There are so many variables that it is hard to keep this stuff straight.

    BTW, I loved the cupcake story as well. Definitely adds to the addiction argument. If it wasn't addictive I doubt an assault would have happened. It is like the guy who runs out of crack then mugs someone. When you are jonesing you do thing you normally wouldn't.

  2. Thanks for putting this out there. I'm at the end of a 5 week point with a new set of intervals and it looks like now is a good time to change the rest periods.