20 June 2009

Saturday Stuff

Another day off from the gym. Getting a little antsy. Going to rain tomorrow, so the wife and I took the bikes out for a spin on a mission to find some decent local veggies, etc.

Stopped at four different farm stands. First one was a bust in that they were really focussed on selling plants and had little to no produce. Second place had farm fresh eggs in a cooler and an honor system for eggs. $3.00 per dozen and picked up those shown below. Shells are as hard as rocks with great colors and some with blue dots. Not sure what causes that, but we'll find out how they taste shortly.
Third place had some fresh mutant strawberries that are extremely juicy and bright red. Fourth place is a good old boy from NH who has a big 20 year old barco lounger in his barn with a giant jug of Jack Daniels next to him. Picked up some vibrant green lettuce and broccoli.
Senya made some grilled bacon wrapped shrimp over the lettuce. The shrimp has a little bite due to the cayenne pepper and cumin, but the lettuce cools things down a bit. I thought it was great.


  1. $3/dozen is incredible. how'd the yokes look?

    That dinner pic is making me hungry....

  2. Mark, we broke into the farm-side dozen this morning and the yolks were bright yellow. Also noticed the meniscus showed much greater surface tension than store bought. Like if you made sunnyside up eggs out of them, the yolk would be standing proud at almost a complete hemisphere.