02 June 2009


146 on scale. Hadn't run in over a month. "easy run" for 3.0 miles, completed in 22:25. After I was done I felt a pretty good quad burn.

15/8/4 for chest and legs today

- weak ass bench for 95/135/145 (don't know wtf is up with that. Seems like that is going backwards)
- DB presses 35/40/45
- cable flyes 30/40/50
- dips, supersetted with leg raises
- squats 135/155/185 (conversely, that felt great and I should move up in weights)
- leg extensions 70/85/100
- seated calf raises 45/70/95

Good sweat going the whole time. Took about 1.5 hours including run. Felt shredded when I left.

Gym quality has really headed south due to the influx of idiots from the Golds up the road. All kinds of trash suddenly appearing in locker room and gym floor. Weight re-racking is sporadic, or morons put four 45lb plates on 1 side and zero on the other, etc. Much busier now even in the middle of the afternoon.


  1. That's a pretty decent running conditioning shape you are in. Keep it up, Andy!


  2. Same problem at our gold's. Why don't meatheads cleanup after themselves.