15 June 2009

SloMo + IF + Squats + Tilapia

Slo-mo torture with Jeff on Saturday at the Y. Jeff only kept track to the time to see if I was in the ballpark for weight. With different machines, it is always different regarding the target weight. Like 300lb on the Gold's leg press may be the same as 270 on the one at the Y. Must be different cams affecting leverage.

Anyway 12 minutes of torture including leg press, chest press, military press, seated rows, close-grip pulldowns. Felt like I was going to cry at the end and tried to shoot hoops afterward. Many air-balls thrown up since no feel for jelly-arm range.

Many fine foods in Clifton Park and Saratoga. Good grass-fed beef burgers, fantastic grilled turkey with brussel sprouts, primal pancakes, Chenin-blanc, coronas, tuna salad, etc. Nice visit to the Troy "Paleo Goldmine", though we did not pick up anything.

Forgot to pack the camera, so no pix :'( Picked up some farm fresh eggs and veggies at a few local places in Eastern NY and VT.

147 on scale despite weekend gorge-fest at Chez Erno. Intermittent fast today. 15/8/4+ with the following:
- Squats 135/185/225 + 245x2 * new high
- 40 degree leg press: 270/360/450
- BB lunges: 30/30/35
- Seated calf raises: 45/70/105
- BB press: 30/40/50
- Cable flys 50/50 machine broken, so couldn't adjust weights (thanks Golds)
- Dips
Tried to go for a run afterward, but legs felt shredded; could not even do intervals. Just decided to hang it up and head back to work.

Made dinner as shown below with tilapia breaded with almond meal, fried in virgin coconut oil. Sauteed a red onion with yellow and green squash with evoo and pepper. Turned out fantastic.


  1. You are the MAN!

  2. I can comment from home for some reason but not work. Oh well.

    I am totally amazed you could do this after 2 days rest from a slo mo torture session. My legs were still jello until wednesday(an additional 2 days).

    Good stuff.

  3. Believe me, my legs are still hurting today after that business. I'll see if I can do some intervals or something Friday. That's why it has been pretty slow this week (plus the latest storm raging at work).