20 June 2009

Vibrams Anyone?

Also took a ride to the a local shoe store that sells the Vibrams Five Fingers shoes. Am debating whether to get a pair since I've heard several endorsements. Scratching my head over which kind to get, how to know if it actually fits right, and what kind to get.

The options are:

- Classic: open on top of foot and drawstring in the back
- Sprint: open on top of foot, 2 velcros at heel and 1 above ankle
- KSO: closed mesh on top of foot, 1 velcro adjustment for heel and ankle
- Flow: closed neoprene on top of foot, 2 velcros at heel and 1 above ankle

They are almost worth buying in camo colors to see the look some at work will give me followed by a lecture that they are not suitable for work. Then saying they are a safety hazard (yeah? how about the women with open toed shoes?)


  1. I have classic and sprints. Both are fine for working out, etc. If you plan on getting them wet from walking in a stream or taking them to the beach then I would suggest the sprints. The velcro on top keeps them on.

  2. I have the KSOs (blue camo) and after a weekend of wearing them, decided I love them. Get 1 size bigger though - it made a difference in comfort (toes) and I am told will help with durability. The jury is out on the last point.

  3. Thanks for the input. Both the KSO and the Sprint are looking good to me. Blue camo - that's awesome. Can't imagine the looks if I would wear them to work. I'm thinkin either the KSO in black, or the Sprint in taupe.

    BTW, I can certainly see the concern about durability. One pair of the Flows they had on display was already showing a small tear in a seam. But the prices at this store (Alec's Shoes in Nashua) has prices a solid $10 less than Vibrams' advertised listing