26 June 2009


Well the week has been quite busy between work and getting the car repaired, so gym time has been non-existent. Did manage to swing by a shoe store in Nashua that had some vibrams. I tried on the classics and the sprints - which were the only models they had for european size 42 or 43. Apparently the place has a hard time keeping them in stock.

Due to my high arch, I opted for the sprints shown below. More of a neutral color (I think it is called putty). The classics in khaki looked sharp on line, but the only color in classics they had were brown. No KSO's in my size at all. I like the center arch velcro on the sprints that keeps the middle of the shoe in close proximitaty to the foot. With the classics, it felt like the middle part of my shoe was out in the breeze more than I was comfortable with. Who knows, maybe that will change as I get used to these.


  1. Awesome! I like the color. Much more subtle than the fire engine red I wear. Let me know how you like them.

  2. You will LOVE them.