10 June 2009

World's Strongest Toddler

In between watching the Red Sox win for their 7th straight against the New York Yankees, I was flipping to an interesting show regarding a three-year-old named Liam Hoekstra - aka the World's Strongest Boy. Here's another good writeup about him.

Fascinating story. The kid can do an un-assisted pull up (palms out), three point pushup stance, etc. He has 40% more muscle in his legs than a standard three-year-old. Strength tests peg him at having the strength of a six or seven year old. The show on The Learning Channel demonstrated this as well as the kid scaling his parents refrigerator unassisted (he grabbed on to the vertical handle, pulled him self up until he could reach the top!)

At first the doctors suspected he did not have the gene that produces myostatin (muscle growth regulation), but found that he has myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy, where he has terrific skeletal muscular growth and retains very little body fat. In fact the doctors are more worried about his inability to store body fat since his body may attack the central nervous system.

I'm sure that nutrition/exercise/supplement firms are just smacking their lips that science will uncover the secret to this for consumption by the general population. Like when myostatin was discovered in the 1990's, immediately advertised myostatin inhibitors became available to the market - whether any of them work effectively or safely is another discussion.


  1. i watched the worlds strongest toddler last nigh. the kid is amazing for his age. but at the same time dissapointed because of the claim of worlds strongest baby. they must have never seen ACHYLLES. AT ONE YEARS OLD HE WAS DOING SOME OF THE STUFF LIAM WAS DOING. MY SON IS NOW 2 YEARS OLD AND WILL EXCEED WHATEVER THE SELF PROCLAIMED STRONGEST TODDLER IN THE WORLD.go to ACHYLLES.COM and prepare to be blown away. his 3 year old video will be out in december. you will see 10 times more athletic ability.

  2. Achylles is a damn joke. Loser parents living out their ghetto dream

  3. D. C. Singleton24 January, 2010 23:28

    This story really opened my eyes. I have a 14 year old girl who could do all the things that Laim did. at birth she flipped herself over on in the deleivery room. Laim could shot a basketball by himself but Dorothy could at three. At seven she ran track against 12 year olds because she was to fast for her on age. I always thought that her strength came from her father who was a body builder. She also developed to fast in every way. Her doctor referred me to a growth specialist but I didn't take her. Now at 14 she is still unbelievably strong. As a joke I will have her arm wresle guys on my staff. They can't believe how strong she is. This story has given me my first real understanding of what may have caused her to be this strong. I would like to know if it contributed to heer overe development. I would like to know if she will have any other problems because of it.

  4. DCS - Interesting story. I'm just a dumb engineer and not a doc, so I really can't properly address any medical concerns you may have. Although you may want to do some research on bull whippets that have myostatin deficiency to see what health issues they have.

    I had also heard it postulated that bodybuilder Flex Wheeler is myostatin deficient. However he may have other health issues resulting from the culture surrounding his competative body building profession.

  5. I watched this and was not blown away. Both of my kids can do the same things. And Achylles isn't that great either since both of my kids could do the same things, i'm just not out pimping them to the highest bidder for a shoe contract.

  6. Was this kid the product of breeding? He looks biracial.

    1. I am sorry, but this seems like a racial comment. This child was a product of two wonderful people who are in love and wanted a child. He is just lucky enough to carry some wonderful genes, passed down from the best family in the world.

  7. HUMMMMMMMM...Id adobt him because he's he just seems so fun and full of happyness and love...dont care much about how strong he is for his age.