30 July 2009

Just a Run

Manchester race in two weeks, so been trying to duplicate the time (6pm) and conditions (outdoors), and length (5k) of the run. Got the idea from the book Body by Science. Althought the 5k course around my neighborhood has hills much greater than the flat race course, this can only help.

First mile: 6:50
Second mile: 7:45
Last 1.1 mile: 7:25
5k: 22:00

29 July 2009

Lamb Tips

Got some lamb tips from the butcher. Was a little unsure how long to grill them, but after consulting my bro Jeff, I got some guidance. Did a quick sear and turned the heat down to medium. Tips were on the smallish side, so was really winging it regarding cooking time. Plus, it was about 8:15 when I put these on, so I could not see the doneness too well.

Despite the uncertainty, I guessed about 5 minutes before turning them and I must say: they turned out fantastic. Cuts also a bit uneven in size, but mostly a nice pink in the middle. Slightly gamey, but they were really good. Served with sauteed onion, mushrooms and garlic plus some spaghetti squash.

Continued 5x5 at the gym and moved up in weights across the board:
- no run
- deadlifts: 165
- renegade rows: 40
- seated rows: 135
- bb curls: 75
- db curls: 30 (could not remember what weight I used last time)
- seated curls: 60

146 on scale, tanita says 9.2% bf

28 July 2009

Running with Hills

Ran the local 5k Hills course around the neighborhood. Mostly casual pace, but pushed on and off.
First mile: 7:00 (mostly downhill)
Second mile: 8:10 (severe uphill grade)
Last 1.1 mile: 7:30 (downhill and uphill return)
5k Hill: 22:40, so a couple more weeks to improve that time. Race on 8/13 which is pretty flat, but has a hill at the end for a net uphill rise over the entire course. Followed todays run up with a massive contrast shower.

Had a physical yesterday. Overall, things are good. Blood pressure down from usual 120/80 to 105/70. Not a big change, but it is in the right direction. May get bothersome knee scoped after race and vacation but before the socialized medicine debacle becomes law. Will get blood work done next week.

A few meals. Had leftover mozarella and salad, so another day with caprese sald. Sundried tomato seasoned grilled chicken. Tomato was right off the back porch and tasted fantastic.

Egg and grass fed beef scramble with mushrooms, yellow bell pepper, spinach, garlic, pico de gallo - good for breakfast AND dinner.

26 July 2009

Sunday Exercise Stats

- bench: 135
- incline db press: 40
- cable flyes: 60
(all good weights for 5x5 for now)
- dips, slow down explode up
- incline raises: 15 (up)
- bb rows: 65 + 10 last set
- db press: 15, poor RHS (shoulder)

2.0 miles in 15:10 on hills course

145.0 weight, 9.2% bf.

25 July 2009

Lazy Saturday

I think I am finding out that nuts is my kryptonite. First off, I love the things - equal opportunity nut lover (excluding peanuts) as long as they are unsalted and unroasted. After a few weeks of giving them a break, the Tabita scale has been indicating a lower of body fat %. Took in several handfuls of cashews last nite and a bit of dark chocolate last nite and BAM, scale say 9.9% this morning. Coincidence? Hmm.

Anyway, ran a bunch of errands today that took longer than expected. Wanted to run the 5k hills course around the neighborhood, but I felt the need to take another day of rest. Lounged around and took a nap in the hammock on a perfect afternoon.

Earlier, though we visited a roadside farm stand that had pasture-fed beef, pork, veggies, etc. (Springdell Farm). Picked up two pounds of ground sirloin/hamburg and a pound of bacon. Will try that out and if we like it, will be hitting it more.

Found that place on farmfresh.org. Can just punch in your zip code and what you are looking for (poultry, beef, eggs, farmer's markets, etc.) and it will list places nearby. Will be exploring that more in the future.

24 July 2009


Have this over my desk at work. Also posted recently on the SoG site:

Insalata Caprese with marinated and grilled chicken tonite. So good - I could eat more now.

No gym time today, but will tomorrow.

23 July 2009

Just Exercise Stats

5x5 with legs and tris:
- ran 2.0 in 14:11
- squats: 155 + 10 reps on last set = move up
- leg press machine #2: 280, + 10 reps on last set = move up
- leg extension: 100, + 10 reps on last set that were tough = status quo
- triceps cable pulldown: 120 + 10 = move up
- overhead triceps press: 45 db + 10 = move up
- dip machine: 100 + 10 = move up

Nothing of note at gym, actually quiet today with usual weights unracked, plates laying around, etc.

21 July 2009

Pace improving plus some rants

Another day where the tanita scale register sub-9% body fat. whoo-hoo. That's about 8 days in a row. Seems like taking a break with post-dinner nuts and dark chocolate may be doing the trick. It is so easy to just plow through half a bag of pistachios. And unsalted, dry roasted nuts from Trader Joes are plentiful, tasty, and tempting.

So more gym time with 5x5 for back and bi's
- ran 3.0 in 21:29 and 5k in 22:09. Time is dropping, but don't know if I'll be able to knock off 3 minutes in 3 weeks for the race.
- deadlifts: 155
- renegade rows: 35
- seated rows: 130
- bb curls: 65
- db curls: 30
- machine rows: 55

Been only resting about 30 seconds between sets. This keeps things moving right along. I should really try to start expanding the number of reps on the last set to see how close to moving up in weight I can go.

Couple of rants at the gym. Certain people are curious to me. In the last week I saw:
- one kid doing about 20 sets of pullups on the squat rack. In between sets he would practice his golf swing in the mirror. I don't care what he does, but he tied up the squat rack for about an hour.
- another guy who did only curls the entire time I was there. Big guns, but maybe he works the sh!t out of one body part per day
- another guy who did deadlifts for the entire time I was there. Ramped up from 185-ish to 315 in 10 lb increments. Form was suspect from 225 on up.
- more kids laying about on two benches texting away.
- I find it odd that people go to the gym to lift weights, but can't seem to find the energy to re-rack the weights. Like people who leave 225 on a bar to show how diesel they are.
- Even better are people who take 1-45 lb plate off a bar and leave the other plate on the other side then leave. Nice safety hazard.
- Curious that people who do re-rack the weights will put a 25 right behind a 10 lb plate, and then put a 5 over that.

18 July 2009

Odds and Ends

Hit a rough patch at Chunky's movie theater with 'dinner' there on Friday. Massive headache and felt unwell afterward. 147 on scale this morning, but not too much to lose sleep over.

Went to gym this morning for more 5x5 including
- ran 3.0 in 22:23 and 5k in 23:03. May try the 5k hills route tomorrow
- bench: 135 still down, but will keep plugging away
- incline DB press: 40
- cable flyes: 60
- dips
- front DB raises: 12.5
- upright BB rows: 65

A few meals from last few days. Marinated NY strip with sauteed mushrooms, onions, peppers, and steamed broccoli:

After the gym this morning, made a massive 3 egg omelett. Followed the details for How to Make the Perfect Omelette. Despite liberal buttering of the pan, it stuck a little too much and I destroyed the shape, but it tasted great. Added pico de gallo, pesto, and cheese. Also had a couple of leftover steaktips with spicy bbq sauce on the side:
Lastly, I listened to Superhumanradio podcast #330 that discusses fat burning during fasting. This is in line with what I have been doing lately. I usually skip lunch and go to the gym instead. I've found that the workout is improved compared to eating a priori and apparently there is a benefit of increases fat burning. Sounds great. Recommend listening to this one.
- Mark recommends fasting prior to exercise for fat burning to get lean and stay lean
- Mark also recommends fasting post exercise to enhance post-exercise ketosis
- Carl recommend eating prior to training for bulking phase
- Mark emphasized eating low-fat foods (something I disagree with)
- Work based on some research at die7stufen.com (the seven steps)
- Mark hypothesized that ingestion of carnatine plus hydroxycitrate (?) emphasized fatty acid oxidation
- recommends brindalltrim from nutriguard.com
- also spoke a lot of medical jargon I couldn't catch or didn't understand like free-form amino acids.

16 July 2009

5x5 Thurs

Ran 2.0 in 14:15

40 deg leg press: 4 plates/side, could not use squat rack since the Marky Mark was showin everyone how diesel he is with pullups and practice golf swings
db lunges: 30lb ea -> move up
calf raises superset with leg press
triceps pulldowns
no love for dips - no place available, crowded gym.

144 on scale and 5th consecutive day of Tanita scale indicating <9% bf

14 July 2009

Mid Summer Classic

All-Star break for MLB today and happily the AL won again for another close game. Too bad Bud Selig is still the commissioner. That reptile makes me want to gag every time I see him. Steroid scandal was allowed to flourish as he turned a blind eye.
Nonetheless, did make it to the gym today and continued 5x5 plus some interval running:
2.0 miles in 14:40 with intervals of alternating laps at 7.5 mph, 9.0 mph
- deadlifts: 155
- seated rows: 130
- renegade rows: 30
- db curls 30
- bb curls 60
- machine curls: 55

145 on scale, tanita scale has shown sub-9% bf for 3 days in a row. Seems like my break from nuts and chocolate may be working, although it is tougher than I thought. Doesn't help with my better half buying some at the store.

Made chicken cordon bleu with steamed cauliflower for dinner. No pic (posted that before).

Listened to a good podcast from superhumanradio regarding intermittent fasting and fat loss (episode 330). Basically says to exercise in a fasted state to help burn fat. I've been doing this more often and have to say I usually have a better workout without eating beforehand.

13 July 2009

5x5 Revisit

I was thinking about the 5x5 and although it is not as intense as the body by science workout, it can work one set of muscles once a week if scheduled properly and increases the volume of work. Having tried the BBS, it is a good reminder to amp up the intensity.

I'm thinking of a 3 day cycle with every other day off working a) chest/shoulders, b) back/biceps, and c) legs/triceps, with runs and various other workouts such as smoke challenge thrown in occassionally.

Today in order was:
- DB incline press: 35
- Flat BB bench press: 135
- Dip machine: 100
- DB front raises: 12.5
- BB front rows: 55
- DB shoulder press: 15 (shoulder getting better, but RHS still weak)
- Cable flyes: 50

Followed that by a 2.0 mile run in 14:20 and a good contrast shower.

Also been thinking of not moving up in weight until I can get at least 10 reps on last set with current weight. Last time, I think I increased the weight too quickly.

Broke by chocolate + nut fast today, but will start again tomorrow.

11 July 2009

Just Food

Just getting over the KB455 Smoke workout. Went golfing instead today. Shot 103 - not bad for second time playing in 2+ years. Sank a 75' putt on 18 to nicely close out the day.

Anyway a few food pics from this week.

Shrimp marinara with basil and garlic over spaghetti squash (made by Senya):
Shrimp in coconut oil with lime zest, cilantro, and julienned squash:

Garlic grilled chicken with steamed broccoli. Also made a mint-cilantro pesto since we got about 3 lb of home grown cilantro from friends, yum:
Classic spaghetti squash and meatballs tonite:

07 July 2009

455 KB Smoke Challenge

The Smoke Challenge was attempted today - really a Lite Smoke Challenge since I did not quite complete it, per spec. Time series of exercises plus a 2 mile run. Didn't sound too bad, and didn't look so bad so...

Here are the split times and total in the order they were performed including reps/set. All time includes all rests, walks between stations, cleaning sweat off of roll ball, debating the meaning of dropping my stomach lining on the gym floor, etc.

a) 2.0 mile run, TIME: 14:35
b) 100* kb swings, TIME: 10:20, REPS: 20/15/15/15/15/20
c) 100 prisoner squats, TIME: 4:55, REPS: 50/50
d) 50 stability ball rollouts, TIME: 6:05, REPS: 15/15/10/10
e) 100 bodyweight squats, TIME: 6:10, REPS: 35/35/30
f) 105 pushups, TIME: 8:05, REPS: 35/20/15/15/10/10

*goal is 200

Summary: 2 mile + 455, TOTAL TIME: 50:10

For me the run was the easy part, I could def knock some time off there. Today was the first day I had tried kb swings AND stability ball rolls AND prisoner squats, so it was a good learning day and set a baseline on which to improve. Actually, I'll do some research to make sure I was doing some close approximation to proper form.

MikeZ commented about 20 minutes of pain. I think anyone who can do this in under 30 is badass. I think I'll be feeling it tomorrow.

06 July 2009


I like how MikeZ publishes his goals for the month and am thinking of doing the same. A month is long enough so that a reasonable goal is achievable, but short enough to keep that end of the month goal in mind. I'll have to think a bit more about my short term goals for now.

Personally, I have a physical at the end of the month, and will see if I can abstain from the nuts and dark chocolate between now and then.

Exercise for week of 20090705

Going to switch back to 5x5 aka stronglifts for a while to change up the routine:

- Seated rows 130
- Lat pulldowns: 115 -> drop to 100
- DB rows: 50 -> move up
- Reverse flyes: 85 -> move up
- Bench press: 135
- DB press: 35 -> move up
- Dips -> use weight belt
- Cable flyes: 60

- Military press: 70
- DB front raises: 12.5
- BB rows: 65
- DB Shrugs: 50
- BB curls: 65
- DB curls: 30
- Seated curls: 60

- Squats: 155 -> move up
- Calf raises: 120 -> move up
- DB lunges: 35
- Triceps extension cable: 120

Ran 2.0 on Saturday in 14:40 still feeling smoke challenge fallout.

04 July 2009

4th of July

A few runs. Ran 5k yesterday on the treadmill: 23:15 again. Was going to do some other exercises, but having a gym-identity-crisis figuring out what protocol really works best for me. Repeat (for me). More on that later.

Ran the 2 mile hills course near the house in 15:19. Better than last time, but still working on getting that time down to last year's mark.

Heading out soon to enjoy some time with friends on the 4th of July.

01 July 2009

Fattening with Age

July 1st already, where does time go. Anyway, time to check the body fat %. Today's readings per caliper measurements (average of three) are:

Abdomen: 17.3 mm
Chest: 6.3 mm
Thigh: 6.0 mm
for a BF% of 10.1%

Down a little from last month, but not much. I actually tracked the measurements in excel and made some nice graphs, but have yet to figure out how to inport them into here.

Another interesting point is how the body fat calculation from this tool determines body fat percentage as a function of age and caliper measurements. Since my age is closer to 42, I noticed that the BF% number was slightly higher than if I had input 41 as an age. For the same caliper readings, I calculated body fat percentage from ages 11 to 71 (+/- 30 years). If I was age 11 the calculation shows a BF% of 6.86% where age 71 is 13.47%. The curve is pretty linear with a BF increase of 0.11% per year.

However - Richard (my pseudo-twin) in this post seemed to point out the opposite effect. I'll have to look into that to see if the calculator I use is correct.