07 July 2009

455 KB Smoke Challenge

The Smoke Challenge was attempted today - really a Lite Smoke Challenge since I did not quite complete it, per spec. Time series of exercises plus a 2 mile run. Didn't sound too bad, and didn't look so bad so...

Here are the split times and total in the order they were performed including reps/set. All time includes all rests, walks between stations, cleaning sweat off of roll ball, debating the meaning of dropping my stomach lining on the gym floor, etc.

a) 2.0 mile run, TIME: 14:35
b) 100* kb swings, TIME: 10:20, REPS: 20/15/15/15/15/20
c) 100 prisoner squats, TIME: 4:55, REPS: 50/50
d) 50 stability ball rollouts, TIME: 6:05, REPS: 15/15/10/10
e) 100 bodyweight squats, TIME: 6:10, REPS: 35/35/30
f) 105 pushups, TIME: 8:05, REPS: 35/20/15/15/10/10

*goal is 200

Summary: 2 mile + 455, TOTAL TIME: 50:10

For me the run was the easy part, I could def knock some time off there. Today was the first day I had tried kb swings AND stability ball rolls AND prisoner squats, so it was a good learning day and set a baseline on which to improve. Actually, I'll do some research to make sure I was doing some close approximation to proper form.

MikeZ commented about 20 minutes of pain. I think anyone who can do this in under 30 is badass. I think I'll be feeling it tomorrow.


  1. Andy, had I done the run first, I would have most likely passed out by the time I did my first KB Swing. If running is your thing (which it obviously is), I'd save it for the end. There is no way I could do the KB555 in under 30 minutes if I ran first..no way ever (echo sound effect).

    The KB swings will get better..just don't run first!

    The pushups killed me the first two times I did this circuit. This Sunday, I broke them down into sets of 5 Tabata Intervals..20 pushups, 10 seconds off and that was one of the main reasons I shaved nearly two minutes off of my previous time.

    Flip the run and the KB 555 and you'll drop a minimum of 15 minutes off the challenge...or I could do it the way you do and add 15-20 minutes to mine...nah, aint gonna happen.

  2. Inspired by CB and Smoke, I did a similar workout last weekend though I refuse to start running again (other than playful jogs on the beach with the kids or sprinting, I am completely soured on running as exercise).

    I don't remember how long it took me, but I believe it was <25 min. I did it on the beach so I substituted mtn climbers for rollouts.

    200 KB swings (35# kb)
    100 bw squats
    100 mtn climbers
    100 bw squats
    100 pushups

    Pic of the gym.