13 July 2009

5x5 Revisit

I was thinking about the 5x5 and although it is not as intense as the body by science workout, it can work one set of muscles once a week if scheduled properly and increases the volume of work. Having tried the BBS, it is a good reminder to amp up the intensity.

I'm thinking of a 3 day cycle with every other day off working a) chest/shoulders, b) back/biceps, and c) legs/triceps, with runs and various other workouts such as smoke challenge thrown in occassionally.

Today in order was:
- DB incline press: 35
- Flat BB bench press: 135
- Dip machine: 100
- DB front raises: 12.5
- BB front rows: 55
- DB shoulder press: 15 (shoulder getting better, but RHS still weak)
- Cable flyes: 50

Followed that by a 2.0 mile run in 14:20 and a good contrast shower.

Also been thinking of not moving up in weight until I can get at least 10 reps on last set with current weight. Last time, I think I increased the weight too quickly.

Broke by chocolate + nut fast today, but will start again tomorrow.

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