01 July 2009

Fattening with Age

July 1st already, where does time go. Anyway, time to check the body fat %. Today's readings per caliper measurements (average of three) are:

Abdomen: 17.3 mm
Chest: 6.3 mm
Thigh: 6.0 mm
for a BF% of 10.1%

Down a little from last month, but not much. I actually tracked the measurements in excel and made some nice graphs, but have yet to figure out how to inport them into here.

Another interesting point is how the body fat calculation from this tool determines body fat percentage as a function of age and caliper measurements. Since my age is closer to 42, I noticed that the BF% number was slightly higher than if I had input 41 as an age. For the same caliper readings, I calculated body fat percentage from ages 11 to 71 (+/- 30 years). If I was age 11 the calculation shows a BF% of 6.86% where age 71 is 13.47%. The curve is pretty linear with a BF increase of 0.11% per year.

However - Richard (my pseudo-twin) in this post seemed to point out the opposite effect. I'll have to look into that to see if the calculator I use is correct.

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