29 July 2009

Lamb Tips

Got some lamb tips from the butcher. Was a little unsure how long to grill them, but after consulting my bro Jeff, I got some guidance. Did a quick sear and turned the heat down to medium. Tips were on the smallish side, so was really winging it regarding cooking time. Plus, it was about 8:15 when I put these on, so I could not see the doneness too well.

Despite the uncertainty, I guessed about 5 minutes before turning them and I must say: they turned out fantastic. Cuts also a bit uneven in size, but mostly a nice pink in the middle. Slightly gamey, but they were really good. Served with sauteed onion, mushrooms and garlic plus some spaghetti squash.

Continued 5x5 at the gym and moved up in weights across the board:
- no run
- deadlifts: 165
- renegade rows: 40
- seated rows: 135
- bb curls: 75
- db curls: 30 (could not remember what weight I used last time)
- seated curls: 60

146 on scale, tanita says 9.2% bf

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