14 July 2009

Mid Summer Classic

All-Star break for MLB today and happily the AL won again for another close game. Too bad Bud Selig is still the commissioner. That reptile makes me want to gag every time I see him. Steroid scandal was allowed to flourish as he turned a blind eye.
Nonetheless, did make it to the gym today and continued 5x5 plus some interval running:
2.0 miles in 14:40 with intervals of alternating laps at 7.5 mph, 9.0 mph
- deadlifts: 155
- seated rows: 130
- renegade rows: 30
- db curls 30
- bb curls 60
- machine curls: 55

145 on scale, tanita scale has shown sub-9% bf for 3 days in a row. Seems like my break from nuts and chocolate may be working, although it is tougher than I thought. Doesn't help with my better half buying some at the store.

Made chicken cordon bleu with steamed cauliflower for dinner. No pic (posted that before).

Listened to a good podcast from superhumanradio regarding intermittent fasting and fat loss (episode 330). Basically says to exercise in a fasted state to help burn fat. I've been doing this more often and have to say I usually have a better workout without eating beforehand.

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