18 July 2009

Odds and Ends

Hit a rough patch at Chunky's movie theater with 'dinner' there on Friday. Massive headache and felt unwell afterward. 147 on scale this morning, but not too much to lose sleep over.

Went to gym this morning for more 5x5 including
- ran 3.0 in 22:23 and 5k in 23:03. May try the 5k hills route tomorrow
- bench: 135 still down, but will keep plugging away
- incline DB press: 40
- cable flyes: 60
- dips
- front DB raises: 12.5
- upright BB rows: 65

A few meals from last few days. Marinated NY strip with sauteed mushrooms, onions, peppers, and steamed broccoli:

After the gym this morning, made a massive 3 egg omelett. Followed the details for How to Make the Perfect Omelette. Despite liberal buttering of the pan, it stuck a little too much and I destroyed the shape, but it tasted great. Added pico de gallo, pesto, and cheese. Also had a couple of leftover steaktips with spicy bbq sauce on the side:
Lastly, I listened to Superhumanradio podcast #330 that discusses fat burning during fasting. This is in line with what I have been doing lately. I usually skip lunch and go to the gym instead. I've found that the workout is improved compared to eating a priori and apparently there is a benefit of increases fat burning. Sounds great. Recommend listening to this one.
- Mark recommends fasting prior to exercise for fat burning to get lean and stay lean
- Mark also recommends fasting post exercise to enhance post-exercise ketosis
- Carl recommend eating prior to training for bulking phase
- Mark emphasized eating low-fat foods (something I disagree with)
- Work based on some research at die7stufen.com (the seven steps)
- Mark hypothesized that ingestion of carnatine plus hydroxycitrate (?) emphasized fatty acid oxidation
- recommends brindalltrim from nutriguard.com
- also spoke a lot of medical jargon I couldn't catch or didn't understand like free-form amino acids.

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