21 July 2009

Pace improving plus some rants

Another day where the tanita scale register sub-9% body fat. whoo-hoo. That's about 8 days in a row. Seems like taking a break with post-dinner nuts and dark chocolate may be doing the trick. It is so easy to just plow through half a bag of pistachios. And unsalted, dry roasted nuts from Trader Joes are plentiful, tasty, and tempting.

So more gym time with 5x5 for back and bi's
- ran 3.0 in 21:29 and 5k in 22:09. Time is dropping, but don't know if I'll be able to knock off 3 minutes in 3 weeks for the race.
- deadlifts: 155
- renegade rows: 35
- seated rows: 130
- bb curls: 65
- db curls: 30
- machine rows: 55

Been only resting about 30 seconds between sets. This keeps things moving right along. I should really try to start expanding the number of reps on the last set to see how close to moving up in weight I can go.

Couple of rants at the gym. Certain people are curious to me. In the last week I saw:
- one kid doing about 20 sets of pullups on the squat rack. In between sets he would practice his golf swing in the mirror. I don't care what he does, but he tied up the squat rack for about an hour.
- another guy who did only curls the entire time I was there. Big guns, but maybe he works the sh!t out of one body part per day
- another guy who did deadlifts for the entire time I was there. Ramped up from 185-ish to 315 in 10 lb increments. Form was suspect from 225 on up.
- more kids laying about on two benches texting away.
- I find it odd that people go to the gym to lift weights, but can't seem to find the energy to re-rack the weights. Like people who leave 225 on a bar to show how diesel they are.
- Even better are people who take 1-45 lb plate off a bar and leave the other plate on the other side then leave. Nice safety hazard.
- Curious that people who do re-rack the weights will put a 25 right behind a 10 lb plate, and then put a 5 over that.


  1. Hey Andy,

    Don't know if you read "Born to Run" yet....
    but if you haven't go get it now! And you will take at least 3 minutes of your time 3 weeks from now....it will put a smile on your face and you'll run happy.

    Like the rants....


  2. I drool over your time for a 3 mile run...drool. For me it's been a proverbial marathon getting my times down on the two-mile jaunt. It is a lot easier as my weight continues to drop...pushing 205lbs w/11.3% bodyfat forward for two miles is work.

    Rantus Perfectus Absolutus!!!

    I love rants. It's nice knowing that my gym doesn't have a monopoly on the "I'm with Stupid" t-shirts.

    What's with these people who run on treadmills (on a severe incline) and feel the need to negate all their efforts by holding onto the handles?


  3. Marc - thanks for the tip. I have been following Matt Metzger's running discussion and I saw that he recommended that as well.

    Mikez - just like anything else, it takes time (no pun intended). Just like driving that body fat % down. The last few percent have taken a while. Glad everyone enjoyed the rants.