28 July 2009

Running with Hills

Ran the local 5k Hills course around the neighborhood. Mostly casual pace, but pushed on and off.
First mile: 7:00 (mostly downhill)
Second mile: 8:10 (severe uphill grade)
Last 1.1 mile: 7:30 (downhill and uphill return)
5k Hill: 22:40, so a couple more weeks to improve that time. Race on 8/13 which is pretty flat, but has a hill at the end for a net uphill rise over the entire course. Followed todays run up with a massive contrast shower.

Had a physical yesterday. Overall, things are good. Blood pressure down from usual 120/80 to 105/70. Not a big change, but it is in the right direction. May get bothersome knee scoped after race and vacation but before the socialized medicine debacle becomes law. Will get blood work done next week.

A few meals. Had leftover mozarella and salad, so another day with caprese sald. Sundried tomato seasoned grilled chicken. Tomato was right off the back porch and tasted fantastic.

Egg and grass fed beef scramble with mushrooms, yellow bell pepper, spinach, garlic, pico de gallo - good for breakfast AND dinner.

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