30 August 2009

Lazy Weekend; Just Food

No gym time this weekend. Just enjoying the weather and running errands.

Last nite's dinner, ad-lib Paleo meatloaf
- 2 lb grass fed ground beef
- 4 slices of farm raised bacon
- 1 yellow onion
- 2 carrots shredded
- 1 small bell pepper
- freshed minced cilantro
- chopped garlic
- celery
- almond meal

Into oven at 400 for about 35 min. Had some mozzarella slices + tomatoes with balsamic on the side:

Primal pancakes this morning. Wife got the recipe right off of Mark's Daily Apple:
Found this picture on the hard drive of a fruit salad I made a while ago, but don't think I posted it. Real simple:
- 1 pineapple
- 1 cantaloupe
- 1 melon
- grapes
- strawberries
- blueberries

147 on scale this morning. Weather is too nice out; going for a bike ride.

29 August 2009

Better Half's Lipid Panel

My better half just got her blood results back from her physical. We've both been pretty Paleo-compliant for over a year (ignore my hedonistic vacation). Her results:

CHOL: 176
TRIG: 38
HDL: 71
LDL: 99

Have to get my blood work done shortly. Will be interesting to see the results.

27 August 2009

Back From Fishing

Well back from fishing in Ontario with the in-laws for a week. Hammered on a bunch of walleye. Too many to count the number of fish on the line. Mostly 1-2 pounders, but Bill landed a 4-pounder; nice fish.

Here's the haul on the first day that we kept for dinner:

Fried walleye shore lunch with bacon, mushrooms, peppers, potatoes (yeah non-paleo, but whatever). Tasted great.

Made a pair of massive six egg omelettes with ham, bacon, sausage, cheese:
In addition to a lot of beer, are some of Canada's best poutine = french fries with cheese curds and gravy:
All in all, a relaxing trip - despite being stranded on the lake and the usual airline hassles. Ventured a bit off of the paleo plan and the scale was up to 149 this morning. But I'm back on track today.
Went to the gym and ran some intervals and did some EF 15/8/4.

13 August 2009

Race Day

Ran the Cigna/Elliot Corporate 5k Road Race today. Complete results already posted at Coolrunning.com. Finished 400 out of 5000 in a time of 21:18 / 6:52 pace. Beat last year's time by almost a minute. Big benefit was starting near the front where I didn't have to weave around a bunch of slower runners, but not many passed me, so it was a good location. Overall, I was happy with the improvement and the performance considering chronic cardio has been way down this year and I really only trained for about a month beforehand.

Guy who won broke the course record finishing in 13:53.

Post race with a bag full of bananas and water they were handing out. The orange tag on the shoe is an RFID they use to time the race. Disposable and very cool.
Among other free stuff they were handing out were ice-cream sandwiches! As well as coke, power-ade (carbo-aid!) and HFCS yogurt.
Senya made a spinach and grass-fed beef scramble we enjoyed for dinner:

11 August 2009

Race Pace and Beef

Ran 2.0 miles at race pace (~9mph) in 13:30. Just did some light upper body exercises at the gym. Wondering if there are some at the gym who have some chemical assistance because there are some swollen dudes there.

Last nite's dinner of grass fed beef (top round) with mushrooms, onions and roast cauliflower. Beef was a little tough, maybe have to bust out the hammer and tenderize the next one.

145 on scale - funny how a few days off the track with nuts and such makes such an impact.

09 August 2009

Sox Nausea and More Food

What's nauseating is the fact that the Red Sox were up 3 full games at the All-Star break, and now trail in the division by 6.5 games after getting swept by both the Rays and the Yankees. Absolutely awful. Could only scratch together a TOTAL of 2 runs for the last 3 games - combined. Despite all three starters pitching well. Like I said pathetic. For crissakes, may have to watch pre-season football soon.

Anyway. . .

Been hammering down the local farm fresh eggs. And recently found a roadside stand that has farm fresh bacon in Littleton, MA. Here are both in another attempt to make the perfect omelette (1/2 shown). The bacon seems meatier, less salty, and almost definitely fewer nitrates. The guy we get the eggs from had to go into the house to get some - said that they had just been laid that morning.

Another turkey cooked that had been lurking in the freezer. Went via the oven route this time, stuffed some bacon under the skin also this time (thanks to Marc's suggestion - Feel Good Eating). Probably should have followed Marc's beer can chicken recipe more closely. Also found a use for some Minutemaid also lurking around. These cans have been in the fridge for at least 18 months. Opened can and poured contents down the sink. Refilled about 1/2 the can with beer and shoved can up the turkey caboose. A little uncertain whether the turkey is supposed to be vertical or horizontal. Well, I put the beer can in with the opening at the 12 o'clock position, so it wasn't like the beer was pouring liberally into the cavity. Was a little tougher than I thought to get stuff under the turkey skin, but put at least 3 strips of bacon in.

Nonetheless, it was very juicy, and the added bacon flavoring is always a good thing. I was reading somewhere on a cooking blog that one guy uses bacon grease and a hypodermic to shoot right into the breast and lets that soak for a nite prior to cooking. Now that's adding bacon flavoring!
Few slices of turkey with mashed cauliflower and julienned squash (sauteed in coconut oil):
For dessert, mashed up some over-ripe bananas, added some vanilla extract and a handful of black berries and blueberries and put into freezer. Quite frozen by time turkey and dinner were complete, but tasty.
Took a break from nut/choc fast and had both also - blame in-game stress disorder.
143.2 / 8.6% on scale.

08 August 2009

Blog Stall

Crazy time with what seems like home projects and stuff, so bloggin has been stalling. Completely missed out on Mark's Daily Apple Primal Health Challenge. But coincidentally, I've decided to cut down on snacking on nuts and dark chocolate. Plus my chronic cardio has ramped up for next week's race. Body weight has dropped a few more pounds and was actually below 142 one day last week. Looked back through health records and last time I was at that weight was about 1990-1991. Graduated college around 140 - friggin ridiculous.

Anyway, more 5x5 today

Deadlifts: 165, tweaked back
Renegade rows: 40
Seated rows 130
BB curls 75
DB curls 30

Ran 2.0 in 14:44 on partial hills course, still feeling squat hangover plus back precluded going the full hill course.

Sat; 143.4 / 8.6% bf per tanita scale

05 August 2009

Treadmill and Squats

142 on friggin scale this morning, a new low.

Due to schedule, etc. ran on the treadmill at the gym
Mile 1: 7:10
Mile 2: 7:00
Mile 3: 6:55
last 0.1 mile: 0:40
5k: 21:45, odd considering it is flat, no hills or wind resistance

More 5x5
- squats: 175
- seated calf raises: 90
- leg press #2: 280 (didn't remember weight prior, need to move up)
- triceps pulldown: 130
- dips: 3x10
- abs: 3x10 leg raises
- planks 1 min per side + center

02 August 2009

More Chronic Cardio

Mostly a weekend working around the house, but ran my local 5k course again, back to the gym tomorrow.

First mile: 6:35
Second mile: 8:00, friggin hill is killing me
Last 1.1 mile: 7:05
5k: 21:40

I'll have to look around for a running map software that shows the elevation changes; the second mile is brutal.


Monthly caliper measurements

chest: 6 mm
ab: 16 mm
thigh: 6 mm
= 9.8% body fat

YTD results. Have to look back on WTF happened in April that made things jump up.
JAN: 10.2
FEB: 9.3
MAR: 9.6
APR: 9.3
MAY: 10.8
JUN: 10.2
JUL: 10.1
AUG: 9.8

No run or gym today. Worked outside like a dog from 12:30 - 7:30, but the day was perfect, so can't complain too much.