27 August 2009

Back From Fishing

Well back from fishing in Ontario with the in-laws for a week. Hammered on a bunch of walleye. Too many to count the number of fish on the line. Mostly 1-2 pounders, but Bill landed a 4-pounder; nice fish.

Here's the haul on the first day that we kept for dinner:

Fried walleye shore lunch with bacon, mushrooms, peppers, potatoes (yeah non-paleo, but whatever). Tasted great.

Made a pair of massive six egg omelettes with ham, bacon, sausage, cheese:
In addition to a lot of beer, are some of Canada's best poutine = french fries with cheese curds and gravy:
All in all, a relaxing trip - despite being stranded on the lake and the usual airline hassles. Ventured a bit off of the paleo plan and the scale was up to 149 this morning. But I'm back on track today.
Went to the gym and ran some intervals and did some EF 15/8/4.

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