29 August 2009

Better Half's Lipid Panel

My better half just got her blood results back from her physical. We've both been pretty Paleo-compliant for over a year (ignore my hedonistic vacation). Her results:

CHOL: 176
TRIG: 38
HDL: 71
LDL: 99

Have to get my blood work done shortly. Will be interesting to see the results.


  1. Did you have the LDL particle sizes measured or is that the standard calculated one? If calculated, I am surprised LDL is so low given the low trigs/high HDL. Of course, wtf do I know ;)

    Nice numbers!!!

    I link to a Dr Eades post in here...

  2. Must be the standard calculated one, since it does not specify otherwise. Yeah I hear ya. Thanks for the link. Still trying to digest most of that cholesterol business....