08 August 2009

Blog Stall

Crazy time with what seems like home projects and stuff, so bloggin has been stalling. Completely missed out on Mark's Daily Apple Primal Health Challenge. But coincidentally, I've decided to cut down on snacking on nuts and dark chocolate. Plus my chronic cardio has ramped up for next week's race. Body weight has dropped a few more pounds and was actually below 142 one day last week. Looked back through health records and last time I was at that weight was about 1990-1991. Graduated college around 140 - friggin ridiculous.

Anyway, more 5x5 today

Deadlifts: 165, tweaked back
Renegade rows: 40
Seated rows 130
BB curls 75
DB curls 30

Ran 2.0 in 14:44 on partial hills course, still feeling squat hangover plus back precluded going the full hill course.

Sat; 143.4 / 8.6% bf per tanita scale


  1. On the running - I gave up chronic running a while ago (just about a year now)...but I noticed Charles Washington did a video on proper running form (Running with Charles on youtube) about how to run pain free. I only mention it b/c a friend of mine was telling me about "Chi Running" yesterday which sounds like it uses the same ideas (strike the foot flat rather than heal, slight bend forward, knee bent and under you) and she is now completely pain-free when she runs. If I were to take it up again (perhaps do a 1/2 marathon), I'd probably look into it.

  2. Hey Bro,

    Deadlifts, while being a great muscle building exercise, are risky. So easy to tweak the back and in my mind not worth it. When I do it now I always do very low weight and avoid failure unless weight is really really low.


  3. Thanks for the feedback Mark and Jeff. Yeah, I'm running this 5k on Thursday - Cigna Corporate Challenge, so I'm being a company man (hah!). I'll be resorting back to interval training afterwards. I think I saw that Chi Running video and seems like a good idea to shorten the stride. I keep this in mind on the brutal hill course around my neighborhood. I used mapmyrun.com and figured out that Mile 2 has a 6% grade for about 0.5 mile.

    With the deadlifts, I really like the exercise and am usually extra strict with form to avoid back issues. I think the residual soreness of squats a few days prior affected my form. Ah well, live and learn. Back still a little sore today.