13 August 2009

Race Day

Ran the Cigna/Elliot Corporate 5k Road Race today. Complete results already posted at Coolrunning.com. Finished 400 out of 5000 in a time of 21:18 / 6:52 pace. Beat last year's time by almost a minute. Big benefit was starting near the front where I didn't have to weave around a bunch of slower runners, but not many passed me, so it was a good location. Overall, I was happy with the improvement and the performance considering chronic cardio has been way down this year and I really only trained for about a month beforehand.

Guy who won broke the course record finishing in 13:53.

Post race with a bag full of bananas and water they were handing out. The orange tag on the shoe is an RFID they use to time the race. Disposable and very cool.
Among other free stuff they were handing out were ice-cream sandwiches! As well as coke, power-ade (carbo-aid!) and HFCS yogurt.
Senya made a spinach and grass-fed beef scramble we enjoyed for dinner:


  1. Congrats!

    Every race I have done ends with a load of crap to "replenish". Amusing.

  2. Great job on not only dropping 1 minute off your time, but also finishing where you did!

    I do like the post-race menu as well. How many calories to the race organizers think one burns during a 3 mile race? Maybe we should all incorporate a similar energy-replenishing-type diet after all our workouts?

    * Dunkin Donuts (America runs on Dunkin...really, they said it was true)
    * HiC (HFCS and real artificial food coloring)
    * Maybe even some granola bars (HFCS and a boat load of carbs)

  3. Andy,

    I have one month and a week before I'm running in a 5K.
    Any tips on getting ready for it?


  4. Thanks all.

    Marc, what I think worked the best to prepare for this race is right out of McGuff's Body by Science. He describes a physical fitness test that required riding a bike and the running jocks thought they'd handle that easily. But the guy who had the best time was the one who practiced the exact distance on the bike as his training.

    So about a month before the race I mapped out a 5k circuit around my neighborhood and ran that about 3x per week with increasing paces. Running outside on pavement is much different than the treadmill or grass. Plus I would go out for a run around the same time as the race (early evening). It also helped me get used to the weather and temperature for race time.

    Using mile markers helped track my pace for traiing runs. I was so amped during the race that I ran the first mile in 6:30 and had to slow down in the middle so I could finish strong up the hill to the tape.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Andy, looks like you had a great trip!
    Thanks for the running advice, it helps a lot!
    Ran this morning just two miles but with decent times. 7:40 and 7:05 for the second. not bad considering I haven't run in a long time.

  6. Marc, let me know how things go with your race. I would not worry about your times right now and 7:05 right out of the gate is pretty good. Those times will drop quickly as you get into your routine.

    The only other thing I'd suggest is to keep track of how your times improve following rest days. Running every other day, I'd see improvements in time, but if I took two days of rest, I'd see a bigger improvement. I sort of used this to coordinate my schedule the week before the race and made sure I had two solid days of rest beforehand.

    Also, like anything else, listen to your body and if you need a day off, take it.