15 September 2009

Biggest Loser Time Again

Can't help watching Jillian and Bob try to whip these people into shape. A few observations for this season.

- Wondering if this show has jumped the shark. Even larger people, more intense harrassement by the trainers, etc.
- Is America getting fatter than ever? At least four people over 400 lb, with 1 woman topping out at 476!
- One woman could not even complete a 1 mile run; put her in the hospital for a week
- The mentality that the motivated ones 'can do this on their own' at home nauseates me. So the not-as-motivated ones get rewarded by staying at the ranch. We must equal the field, you know!
- Very saddening to see people in their 20's with such poor health.
- Again, tired of the show pimping all kinds of products, dictating the calories in - calories out mantra, glossing over nutrition.

Anyway, more sprints and 15/8/4 for me at the gym.


  1. I watched a few episodes a couple of years back. Just so I could join the watercooler talk. It was really popular...has it's popularity faded? I don't hear much about it anymore. I can't imagine exercising at a weight of 400 pounds would be to healthy...


  2. I think the popularity has def faded just like any of these reality shows. And to try to get more viewing audiences, they have to be more outrageous w/re the fatties, the antics, etc.

  3. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a Paleo Biggest Loser? I bet they'd get quicker results!

  4. Kat - believe me, I've had that discussion with several other Paleo-friendly folks. Wouldn't Mark Sisson put them all to shame! Nice site by the way; I'll be checking out some of your recipes.