10 September 2009

Blood Work, etc.

Blood work results in and comparison to previous years:

Year: 2005 / 2007 / 2008 / 2009
CHOL: 168 / 163 / 161 / 161
TRIG: 98 / 100 / 29 / 36
HDL: 24 / 38 / 46 / 49
LDL: 125 / 117 / 120 / 116

LDL reading didn't have particle size discriminator. Curious how similar my panel is to last year and to wife's numbers.

I'm more convinced that some at the gym are using some un-natural assistance. One dude there who's about my size. I'd run into him a few years back at another gym, but now this dude is benching like 250. Of course, he's still glued to the cell phone, just like previous years and can't bother to re-rack weights...just like previously.

Also watched an intersting show on BBC regarding some normal weight women trying to slim down to fit in size-00 jeans by trying various crazy diets. One resorted to binging and purging and required psychological help. When the 5 week experiment was done, they immediately binged like crazy and put some of the weight back on immediately. They were going through hell only ingesting 1000 calories or less per day, had zero energy, etc. There's a better way people!

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