20 September 2009

Eat Your Carbs, Bitch!


Pet peeve a): people who operate an automobile oblivious to the world around them including other drivers;
Pet peeve b): people who use the automobile as their personal restaurant. Sit down at a table and enjoy your food!

So, we're cruising through a parking lot trying to navigate to a local meat shop when this woman in an SUV pulls out in front of us facing in our direction and blocks our path. We're sitting there wondering what the hell is going on when I say outloud "Come on, lady! Let's go, while we're young!". At this point, the woman reaches over to the passenger seat and brings a big old pizza slice up to her mouth and chomps down on it - all while still blocking our path. This prompts my wife to utter another comment which was "Yeah, eat your carbs, BITCH!". I just had to laugh out loud. Finally we got around the clueless soccer mom and spent about $150 in meat for this week's enjoyment.

Okay ... in other news. Been feeling some good progress back with EF 15/8/4. Made it to the gym 4 times last week with a few intervals. Intervals were limited after doing squats one day that left me pretty sore.

Saw the lovely Jillian doing a show on QVC while channel surfing. She was pimpin her fitness CD's and actually had some good points about aerobic weight training and explosive movements. Plus she talked a bit about leg exercises as being worthwhile due to the increased growth hormone response from this large muscle group. Why this stuff never makes it onto the dialogue of Biggest Loser is beyond me.

Nonetheless, it made me think to increase the tempo of my 15/8/4 to cut down on the rest intervals and speed up my workout. Will be mindful of that this week.


  1. hehehehe.....that was funny ;-)

    Andy, when do you rest for 15/8/4/?
    I think the aim is really to not rest at all for the duration of your workout.


  2. Andy, your wife gets the official Quote of the Day! When I eventually use that phrase, I'll be sure to give her proper credit.


  3. Marc,

    I think you are dead on. Lately, I had been lounging around too much between sets. I really picked up the pace today on my muscles were on fire.

    Smoke - thanks. It really was funny as hell!