05 September 2009

Getting Back in the Swing

Been getting back into the swing of things. Some changes of note:
- back to intervals for a while with the occassional chronic cardio
- switching (back) to 15/8/4 ef methodology
- going to try to set up some kind of spreadsheet to track results so that I'm not typing over and over here (actually do this already for running which goes back years)
- as always, try to up the intensity. Smoke is always good for motivation. That guy is on a mission.
- switching to doing cardio after weight training
- catch up on superhumanradio + other blog traffic

Legs and triceps at gym today followed by intevals. 145 on scale. Went to a co-worker's cookout and had some great beer (Hoegaarden), which is a fantastic white beer. Has a hint of wheat and lemon. A little bread for burger and dog.

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