28 September 2009

Paleo Regression

Well the scale had been sneaking up the last few weeks and today it hit 150. Hadn't been there since March and it was as low as 141 about 8 weeks ago. (I'm 5'10" for those keeping notes or anyone who cares). And I don't think I've packed on 9 lb of muscle.

Been a little toooo careless with the diet of late. Think it started out with the Hedonistic fishing trip, then a snack here, a few labor day parties, some other festivals where there were too many temptations and here we are. Good time for self-examination. It seems like there is always some get together or free food at work that I know I should not be eating. And a little cheating here and there adds up.

So, apparently I have to return to the mantra of Constant Vigilance and kindly say no thanks to the temptations. Or WWJED? Or WWSTBFD? etc.

No gym time since Friday due to work and other obligations, but back is packed and ready for tomorrow.


  1. Andy,
    Good luck....it will come right back. Eat fat, don't worry and don't give in to the tempations.

    Gve you a little link love today. Update on the 5k and bar-barron challenges i've set for myself.


  2. Hey as long as you stay as close to paleo as you can thats ok. My mistake was I always thought it was either paleo or binge. I now accept that there are times you can't do strict paleo so you make the best decision at that time.