01 September 2009

Time for an IF

Fair amount of time away from the gym in the last few weeks and starting to get back into the groove. Also had not done a 24 hour IF in a while, so today was the day! Weight this morning was still hovering around 147.

At gym:
- ramping back up on interval sprints, 2 min walk at 4 mph, 1 min run at 9.0/9.0/9.5/9.5/10.0/10.0/10.5/10.5/11.0/11.0 mph, etc. Running sprints felt great. Was also catching up on past episodes of superhumanradio. Several good ones I missed.

Did a exercises in 15/8/4 fashion
- squats: 135/165/185, legs were really tight
- leg extensions 85/100/115
- triceps pulldown 100/110/120
- dip machine 85/100/115
- floor wipers 10/10/4

Also noticed the gym had a member's appreciation day on Sunday including bagels and pizza on the menu. I actually mentioned this to one of the trainers and he just shook his head in sympathy. Seems like the flood of meatheads continues with dudes working out in doo-rags and Timberland construction boots.


  1. I do my fast this Wednesday. I have a client dinner that day, eating at 6pm in a very nice steakhouse. To much food always...so I just fast till it's time to eat at night.

    As to meatheads....I love the guys who's faces are so red after massive sessions of bench press, and then walk around with that angry scowl ;-)


  2. hahah - yeah the benches are always fully used. But there is only 1 or 2 other guys at the gym who do deadlifts or squats. Guess those exercises are not important.