06 October 2009

Biggest Loser Rant

Well, I think we are done done done with this show. It was appealing at first for the simple reason that it was inspiring to see such morbidly obese people turn their lives around. But the emphasis on calorie counting drives me insane. At one point this week, the trainer Jillian said to someone "Don't worry about the sugar, worry about the calories!" This is the polar opposite of how I see things.

Then the contestants were 'forced' to eat every meal at a restaurant for a week. Oh woe is us! Good lord, this would be fantastic. They are the paying customers and can order whatever they want per their specifications. It would be great to take a week off of cooking. Not that I mind it, but it would free up gobs of time with shopping, prep, and cleanup.

Another contestant was in a state of panic since she couldn't go to the gym on doctor's orders. She lost 4lb without 1 step on the treadmill. Gee, think nutrition may have something to do with that?

Finally, the no/low fat theme is wearing thin. Banishing things like olive oil and cheese.

I think we'll just start tuning in for the last 15 minutes to see the weight loss.


  1. Andy, statements like "Don't worry about the sugar, worry about the calories!" make me WANT to watch the show! Losing 4lbs without hitting the gym? A "must see TV" moment, don't you think? Next thing you know, Dunkin Donuts will be a primary sponsor because 'America Runs on Dunkin'...really it does. Who doesn't think of grabbing a Long John, Bear Claw, or an Apple Fritter just before hitting the gym? Especially now that sugar doesn't matter.

    ooops, I just dripped sarcasm all over my keyboard.

    Great stuff Andy


  2. Smoke - keep the sarcasm coming. I love it. Someone told me once they actually saw someone doing leg curls at the gym WHILE eating a Cinnabum (carbo bomb) and of course talking on the cell phone. You can't make this stuff up!

  3. LOL!!!

    Seriously??? Cinnabuns while working the buns? Gyms are so funny!

  4. I was at Walgreen's last night and saw two products by Jillian Michaels: Calorie Control and Max Fat Burner. What a farce! All of these Do*che Bags should have their Impersonal Training Cards revoked.

  5. That's great, Mike. It is sad, but that is the politically correct mantra: "Low calories, low fat, eat less, exercise more"

    Hell, anyone who gets a six-hour beatdown every day by sadistic trainer is going to lose weight. Not to mention that better (not ideal) food choices are purchased for them. When they get back to reality and have neither the gym time or someone watching over them, it will all come crashing down.