16 October 2009

Ghee Whiz

More food love.

Simple egg scramble: listed in order added to pan
butter or evoo, 1 onion, spoon full of garlic, 2 bell peppers, handful of minced/chopped spinach, 1 lb grass fed beef, 6 eggs (Nellies, not bad for supermarket grade):
Got ghee (grass fed) today, thanks to the local food maven, and immediately put it to use.
Stuff wasn't on the counter for 5 minutes before the cat damn near attacked it (i.e., licking the side and rim).

Cooked a small 3 lb boneless turkey breast (with cilantro-lime marinate) and sauteed some veggies in ghee. Gravy provide with turkey was super salty. Ghee was fantastic, but more concentrated than I thought. Have to use a little lighter hand next time.
Marinate I used was from Appalachian Naturals that was at the local butcher shop. Stuff has mostly natural ingredients with the only questionable actors being agave nector and no so sure about sunflower oil. But, unlike many other sauces, etc. this stuff has zero sugar.
Did hit the gym for 3 days of 4 available this week. Sadly it was later in the day and prime-time for meat heads. Funny how between sets or whatever, I try to organize the weights to where they are supposed to go (my anal-retentive personality kicking in). I'll go in the next afternoon and it is back to random placement by morons who put the 45's on the pegs where the 10's are supposed to go...if they put plates back at all. Even funnier is that the gym fired the one kid who actually did some work around there.
Slightly off the reservation day on Thursday from customer meeting. Heading to NY to visit a vendor next week, but will stop and see my bro Jeff, en route.


  1. Food looks great. Looking forward to your visit today.

  2. Hi Andy! The food does look tasty, but the photo of the cat is the best part. What an action shot! :)
    Your post title gave me a laugh too!